Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day

When I was single, I used to dread the month of February. That red lettered (or numbered) day of February 14th drove home being single more than anything else. (well, maybe not more than the Christmas Holidays, New Years Eve, my birthday, weddings, company events....). Anyway, it was up there.

'Who's your Valentine?' well meaning but annoying co workers would ask. And God forbid you be spotted in the super market picking up a Lean Quisine after work. "What?! No Valentine?!", the cashier would announce loudly.

Now I have a great husband and no need to dread the coming of February 14th. Now, all I have to explain is:

1. Why my husband didn't send me roses for Valentine's Day: "Well, we have a bunch of cats living with us who eat any living plant we bring into the house. No matter how high up we put the vase, one of them will reach it and knock the whole thing over. The only alternative would be for him to send me roses here, at work. But then the only people who would see them would be all of you people. That's just not worth 60 bucks!"

2. If we did 'anything exciting' for Valentine's Day. "We havn't done anything exciting since we got engaged!"

3. Did I get my husband anything for Valentine's Day. "Yes, I got him a history book on the founding fathers. Whatta ya mean that's not romantic!"

4. Did my husband get me anything for Valentine's Day. "Yes. I'll tell you what it is after I return what he got me for what I wanted."

5. Did I get any Valentine's Day chocolate. "Yes. And I havn't stopped yet, either. It all goes on half price on February 15th!"

Disclaimer: the above is purely fictional. My husband and I do exciting things every day, he brings me flowers often (which is why I know that the cats can get to them wherever I put them), I absolutely believe my co workers are worth my husband sending me roses at work, we give each other gifts all the time (and sometimes we shop for those gifts ourselves, too). I do not disclaim the fact that I am looking forward to February 15, 16 and 17 when all the left over chocolate will be half prices! Now that's what I call 'Livin' large in the 'burbs'.

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