Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Update on Oprah's show on Puppy Mills

Yes, I've long said that our state has a horrific legacy of having some of the most and worst (they are all bad) PUPPY MILLS. Thanks to Main Line Animal Rescue and Oprah Winfrey the plight of these poor, innocent creatures has reached a greater audience.

I am forwarding the Main Line Animal Rescue site for three reasons. First, it contains some updates on some of the poor dogs featured on Oprah's program. Second, it contains a brief outline of Governor Rendell's proposed legislation that would attempt to make at least some of the conditions in these mills a bit better. And, more importantly, an easy link where you can enter you zip code and get the email and telephone numbers for your state representatives so that you can call their office and demand that they support Governor Rendell's legislation.

I contacted both of my representatives. Senator Andrew Dinneman's staffer immediately told me in no uncertain terms that Senator Dinneman was supporting Governor Rendell's legislation. Moreover, this staffer was well informed. He told me that the proposed legislation on Main Line Animal Rescue's site has been withdrawn due to fierce resistance by the Sporting Dog Clubs (i.e.. The fox hunt clubs) Anyway, Governor Rendell is about to propose a new bill that has language excluding the kennels for fox hunting dogs.

I also contacted my Assembly Representative, Carole Rubley. Her staffer had no idea what I was talking about but took down a message that she badly mangled, at least judging by what she repeated back to me. To make sure that my point got across to my representative, I emailed Carole Rubley my demand that she support the Governor's legislation. She is representing my district and I reminded her that if she did not support this legislation I would write to all 4,000 plus voters in Chesterbrook advising them that Carole Rubley did not support the crackdown on Puppy Mills, so that these voters could support her opponent come re election time.

There are more animal lovers in this state than there are commercial breeders, back yard breeders, pet store owners and even 'sport dog clubs'. But, the former have organized and organized well to thwart any attempts to help the poor animals that they exploit, abuse and torture. Hopefully Oprah's program will be the catalyst for decent people to organize and let their state senator's and assembly representatives know in no uncertain terms that they - the people of Pennsylvania - REFUSE to allow these conditions to continue.

Your state senator and assembly person represent YOU. YOU tell THEM how they must vote. It's that simple. This is not a republican or democratic issue. This is a humane issue.

Just do it. Take 5 minutes and call both of your representatives and tell them that you insist that they support Governor Rendell's Puppy Mill legislation. If you've ever had a pet that loved you and that you loved, do it for them.

I can tell you from first hand knowledge that the stories shown on Oprah's show and detailed on Main Line Rescue's site are not exaggerated. They are just average samplings of the horrible conditions that will exist as long as people buy pets from a pet store and/or the legislature allows them to exist.

PS - please forward this email to anyone you know in Pennsylvania who cares about animals.
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

End Of An Error

Things change, and not always for the better.

I recently got the news that Henny's Restaurant and Bar in Stone Harbor is closing. Sold to a condo developer, because, as you may or may not know there is apparantly a need for yet another condo in Stone Harbor. Obviously, the developers aren't aware that second home sales along the Jersey shore are down over 33%. But alas, I am just b...'ing because I feel like a part of my youth is disappearing.

I spent so many summers nights, usually Friday nights, singing, dancing and partying with friends at Henny's. It was a small, dark and crampted place where the band (CTO for years) had to actually stand on top of the bar. It was hot and sweaty and the drinks were watered down, or so I told myself on countless occasions. But I loved it.

I would rally for a 'One Last Time' night at Henny's, but there is no way that all of the old 'regulars' from the many years would be able to fit inside for the last song and dance. Still, whenever I hear Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline', I think of Henny's and my summers in Avalon and Stone Harbor.