Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Best Reality TV Out There

My favorite reality TV show involves me. And you. We are like contestants in the show called 'Who Will We Elect President'. I didn't think I'd like this show when it was being promo'd. Long, drawn out contest with sniping, argueing, acusing and mud slinging. That is happening, but not on the scale that I've seen it happen on other shows with the same theme. This show is actually interesting. And exciting. And other contestants (ie, voters) really seem to be getting into the whole thing. Asking questions and listening to candidate's points of view and ideas (well, at least those candidate's that actually have ideas). I've been almost equally as interested and excited about the Republican primaries as I have the Democratic primaries. For the first time in my life, I've wanted to participate in BOTH!!

I do think that the producers of this show (aka The Media) are trying to fix the whole thing so they get the winner that they want. Sort of like American Idol does if a contstant they don't like is doing too well in the fan votes. I wonder if Howard Stern will start up a 'vote for the worst candidate' thing on my favorite election reality show. (I think he did this secretly in the last two elections).

Anyway, when the Hollywood writers strike finally comes to an end, I hope the networks don't pre empt this great new reality TV show The Election for new epidisodes of CIS.

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