Monday, June 30, 2008

When It Rains It Drains

DH (thats Darling Husband for you newbies) borrowed my car today. He had to haul some junk, and that's when he wants to drive my car. The lesser car, in his mind. (It's an Infiniti, but that's no Mercedes).

Anyway, before dinner - and after he borrwed my car - DH does the cowboy saunter over to me, puffing up his chest in a manly 'I-know-about-cars-and-you-don't' way and says, with a challenge in his voice:

"When was the last time you had your Radiator drained?"

Now I know the damn thing needs the oil changed, it needs new spark plugs now and then and I have to check the pressure in the tires. But Radiator drained? This seriously was a new one to me, but I guess it sounds like something 'they' do.

"I dunno," I say, thinking hard about whether my mechanic has ever mentioned my radiator.

"Well how long have you owned it?" now he sounds condescending.

"Four years," I say, still wondering why I need the radiaotor drained. I"m waiting for him to tell me something like 'didn't you see that widget light come on??? That means your radiator is about to explode!!'.

But no. He looks down and shakes his head, as if exasperated by my ignorance as to radiator draining.

"Well," he starts, and I can tell this means I'm gonna be spending some $$$ on my radiator instead of the Lilly sale. "You're gonna need your radiator drained." Tell me more, my expression says to him.

"Two reasons, " he continues. "First, because you've had the car for so long I"m sure it needs to be drained." He pauses. I"m still not convinced. "And second," he looks down and his voice lets go of that condescending tone, "when I went to put windshield washing fluid in your car I accidentally poured it into the radiator. It needs to be drained."

(insert sounds of Homer Simpson here)


Ashcorwin said...

Ouch!!! Serves him right for thinking of your car as the "lesser".

A Girl From Texas said...

Holy Hannah. Well, at least he admits it... please tell us he offered to pay to have it done. :)

Anonymous said...

No, he did not offer to pay for the radiator draining....but I used his credit card when I paid for it....(hee hee)

SunWolf said...

LOL! Yes, I know the feeling. When my favorite husband has used my car, he has "cleaned" out the trunk (removed the small collection of plastic bags I keep for those unexpected times when you might want to put a messy new plant on plastic as opposed to the car's carpet). Or he has taken the umbrellas out of the car and put them in the trunk (now, I ask you, what good is an umbrella in the trunk when you get a sudden outburst of rain while you are driving somewhere in fancy dress). Or he has removed my comfy shoes from the trunk saying "Oh, you left these in the car." Well, duh, they are there for a reason, and he should try living in high heels...I'm sure he would keep a comfortable pair of shoes around, too.

Yes, I am very familiar with the Helpful Husband Syndrom.

SunWolf said...