Tuesday, May 27, 2008


lately I've been totally amazing myself. I know, it doesn't take much. But that bar has been set a bit higher recently. Recently, I've done things that I never thought I could, or would, do.

In an effort to save my sorority alumnae club some money - and quite honestly, in an inpatient burst of energy - I designed and wrote our website. I had calls in to professionals who would charge $300 - $400, but none were returning my calls or emails. I decided to get the ball rolling by at least getting our web hosting site set up. From there, I ventured into the free, pre made template site and a few hours later we had a completed website. I even uploaded pictures. Now, granted, creating a website on a premade template is like baking a great cake from a Betty Crocker box mix. But - I still did it. (I'll make the cake later). And, everyone LOVES it!!! It feels soooo good. (Check it out at www.pmltrideltas.com)

Next, I started to help my husband lay a new tile floor in our kitchen. I mixed cement, smeared it down and placed tiles with spacers inbetween them. But hold your 'Wow'!, 'Pow'! and 'Zowie' - next I used a wet saw to cut the tiles to fit tight spaces!! Oh yes I did!

And now, I will learn new ways to express my excitement while avoiding the overuse of the exclamation mark on my keyboard. I feel an independance that my own apartment and first car do not match. I feel like I am in on a secret that only men know about. The secret feeling of accomplishment and the high of brag rights. I feel a knot in my lower back, S1 to be exact, that feels worse with each move I make. I would reach for an Advil, but my shoulders are stiff and the slightest movement causes a sharp, burning sensation to shoot up and down my spine.

But I feel gooood.

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SunWolf said...

You go girl! That deserves a bunch of !!!!!!!s